Election of Directors for Dickinson Square West Civic Assoc.







Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 7 PM

Mt Moriah Church

(410 Wharton)


Regular Members are persons living in

Dickinson Square West, situated from Washington Avenue

(south side), to South 4th Street (west side),

to Mifflin Street (north side),to South 6th Street (east side),

who have completed a Membership Form,

no later than October 6, 2015..

Bring official proof of address:.

Driver’s license, Voter card, utility bill, etc.




If you do not have access to the Internet,

please call 508-639-0939 for a copy



The Annual Membership Meeting will be Tuesday, October 20th, 7 PM, Mt Moriah (410 Wharton).  In addition to the conduct of business, Regular Members*** will vote for new officers and Directors.

The slate of candidates is:

Steven Silvasy (S Lawrence)
Karen Rose (Manton)
George Kull (Dickinson)
Jeff Boettcher (Dickinson)
Kate Bednarchik (Mc Clellan)
Treasurer:               Chris Brick (Mifflin)
Secretary:                Josephine Rivera (S 4th)
Vice-President:       Heather Shultz (S Orkney)
President:                Ted Savage (S 5th)

The Election Committee has also decided that the election will be conducted that evening from 7 – 7:45 PM.

***Regular Members are residents of Dickinson Square West who have completed a Membership Form at least 2 weeks (October 6th) before this Meeting. If you are receiving this WEEKLY, you have completed that form.  Please encourage your neighbors to complete this form.  For copies of the form, please visit www.dickinsonsquarewest.org or call 508-639-0939. Click here to register.






PRESIDENT                       Ted Savage

VICE-PRESIDENT            Heather Shultz

SECRETARY                      Josephine Rivera

TREASURER                     Chris Brick      

DIRECTORS (Vote for 5)

                                            Kate Bednarchik

                                            Jeff Boettcher

                                            George Kull

                                            Karen Rose

                                            Steve Silvasy

427 Sigel Street




Important Notice

October 27, 2015, 7 p.m.

Parsons Building

Dickinson Square Park

427 Sigel Street

Variance requested by developer to reduce open area and rear yard depth to less than required in this zoning district (RSA-5)

Please come with your questions and comments


Check out the plans : 427Sigel-2 (1)

427 SIGEL ST PCPC Letter

Addresses for 427 SIGEL ST

427 SIGEL STREET Refusal


2015-08-16 12.38.07 2015-08-16 12.37.23






IMG_3101IMG_3100 IMG_3097 IMG_3096

Photos above taken by Kristen Catoe Instagram @k10catoe

Today’s Update 10-9-15


  • The City Photographer will be on site on Tuesday to take photos for the City’s archives.
  • The Philadelphia History Museum at Atwater-Kent was contacted and they expressed interest in the wooden blocks and copies of the archive quality photos that will be taken.
  • Information was obtained concerning the process for having an Historical Marker installed on the block.   We will pursue potential feasibility of a nomination and report back.
  • After the photographer takes the archive photos a City crew will remove some of the intact blocks for the Philadelphia History Museum and to study.  Following that process the street will be leveled and prepared for paving.




When were these blocks laid?
Why wood?
Are other blocks of Reed “paved” with wood?

Share with your members and neighbors and friends your researched findings!

Check out : http://www.odditycentral.com/travel/pathways-to-the-past-americas-wood-paved-streets.html








After the posting last week, a representative of the Philadelphia Society of Small Streets emailed Councilman Squilla.  She asked that the re-paving be stopped and that city officials talk with concerned residents and the DSWCA about whether all or part of the street is worth saving.  In response, Streets Commissioner David Perri promptly advised that the street will not be paved, until the most appropriate course of action is determined.  He said, “I sent our Chief Roadway Engineer to the street today to evaluate and get a sample.  We are in contact with the Historical Commission and we will photograph the street.”

Commissioner Perri also advised president Ted Savage that, “The paving work is stopped until an appropriate course of action is determined.  We will evaluate the situation and report findings.   Unlike Camac Street which was replaced many times over at least some of these wood blocks could be original. I would advise folks to be careful handling the blocks as they were likely coated in creosote.”

Ted then contacted Will Collins, The Concordia Group, to advise him of the situation and the interest of the neighborhood in perhaps a preservation effort.  Mr Collins responded that he “would await word from the Councilman.”

Later today, the Commissioner advised Ted that, “My engineer brought back one of the blocks.  Using the original wood blocks in place is likely not a feasible option and they are loaded with creosote which is problematic.  I am thinking that the preservation effort might be to display a segment of the original street at a museum such as Atwater-Kent. Maybe there is a way to acknowledge in-place that there was a wood street on 400 Reed with some sort of gesture (installing a very small section of new wood blocks perhaps)….”  In order not to prolong the inconvenience caused by not completing the re-paving project, he expressed his hope that a resolution would be reached quickly.

Ted Savage said that he believes that this “discovery” may tell an important story of the history of our neighborhood and that we should do what we can to preserve that story.  He asks that anyone, who wants to work now to resolve this issue, send an email to info@dickinsonsquarewest.org or call 508-639-0939.

CLICK HERE http://www.phillymag.com/property/2015/10/08/wooden-street-in-philadelphia/


REED 20150929_17274920150930_142655 20150930_142704 20150930_144442 20150930_144450 20150930_144500

2015-10-07 14.52.36 2015-10-07 14.54.57 2015-10-07 14.55.59 2015-10-07 14.56.12 2015-10-07 14.56.31 2015-10-07 14.57.28 2015-10-07 14.57.41

Final Zoning Plans for 400 REED st. Mt Sinai as of 9/17/15

2015-09-17 18.07.26

Attached is the final zoning plan that was approved by Planning earlier this week. This plan incorporates some of the comments made at our final CDR hearing, most notably removing the planting strip from the pedestrian pathways from Reed and Dickinson. You will be happy to see that the we kept the landscaped buffer between the back of the homes on Dickinson and the pedestrian pathway.

400 Reed St – MAIN2015-08-14 Z01 – ZONING PLAN (1)

2015-09-17 18.14.18 2015-09-17 18.13.31 2015-09-17 18.13.10 2015-09-17 18.12.53 2015-09-17 18.11.24 2015-09-17 18.09.43 2015-09-17 18.08.13

MT. SINAI 400 REED STREET CDR meeting 9/1/15 and Decision on 9/2/15

Mt Sinai 5th st entrance
MT. SINAI 400 REED STREET  CDR meeting 9/1/15 

The next public meeting of the Civic Design Review (CDR) Committee is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 01, 2015 in Room 18-029 of the One Parkway Building, 1515 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA. The meeting agenda is attached.  Licenses & Inspections (L&I) has informed the City Planning Commission that the following project must be considered and assessed:
400 Reed Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

The Agenda for that meeting is:

TO: Councilman Mark Squilla, Mark.Squilla@phila.gov
Marie Beren, representative to council, Marie.Beren@phila.gov
Ronald Patterson, Klehr Harrison, LLP, rpatters@klehr.com
Matthew Koenig, Barton Partners, mkoenig@bartonpartners.com
Ashley Shrom, Dickinson Square West Civic Association,
Domonic Chiavaroli, 1st Republican Ward, poppopc1@aol.com
FROM: R. David Schaaf, RA Director of Urban Design, Philadelphia City Planning Commission
RE: CDR Meeting Notification – Tentative Agenda, Materials for Review, and Procedure
On behalf of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission’s Civic Design Review Committee, I am sending
this notification that the next public meeting of the Civic Design Review (CDR) Committee is scheduled
for 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 01, 2015 in Room 18‐029 of the One Parkway Building, 1515 Arch
Street, Philadelphia, PA. The meeting agenda is attached. Licenses & Inspections (L&I) has informed the
City Planning Commission that the following project must be considered and assessed:
400 Reed Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147
See http://www.phila.gov/CityPlanning/projectreviews/Pages/CivicDesignReview.aspx for additional
meeting information, as well as your project materials submitted to the CDR Committee for review.
REMINDER: Required Community Meeting
Section 14‐303(12) of the Philadelphia Zoning Code requires that the Local RCO(s) convene, organize,
and conduct a public meeting with the applicant and members of the community to discuss the
proposal. The meeting must happen within 45 days of the applicant being notified that CDR is required.
NOTE: Please provide the following required written documentation ASAP, and no later than one
business day before the date of the scheduled CDR meeting:
Local RCO Responsibilities:
 Provide written documentation of the meeting and actions taken at the meeting to the Civic
Design Review Committee at <cdr@phila.gov>.
 If no meeting was held within the required 45‐day timeframe, written documentation that the
applicant has made a good faith effort.
Project Applicant Responsibilities:
 Provide written documentation of the meeting and actions taken at the meeting to the Civic
Design Review Committee at <cdr@phila.gov>.
 If no meeting was held within the required 45‐day timeframe, written documentation that the
applicant has made a good faith effort.
REMINDER: RCO Representative Seat at a CDR Committee Meeting
Local RCO Responsibilities:
 At least one week before the date of the scheduled Civic Design Review meeting for the project,
the Local RCO(s) shall nominate a representative to the PCPC Executive Director. Inform the
Executive Director at <cdr@phila.gov>.
 If there is more than one Local RCO whose boundaries include the project site, the Local RCOs
may select up to two representatives. Inform the Executive Director at <cdr@phila.gov>.


All members, residents, and neighbors interested in the development of the Mt Sinai property are welcomed to attend


400 Reed St CDR Sketch Plan Final

400ReedSt_CDR_8-20-15 ForWEB



Civic Design Review for 400 Reed Street (Application No. 617614)

September 2, 2015


Mr. Carlton Williams

Commissioner of Licenses and Inspections

Municipal Services Building, 11th Floor

1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard

Philadelphia, PA 19102


Decision Letter  Civic Design Review for 400 Reed Street (Application No. 617614)


Dear Mr. Williams:


Pursuant to Section 14-304(5) of the Philadelphia Zoning Code, the Civic Design Review (CDR) Committee of the City Planning Commission completed the required review of a proposed residential building project at 400 Reed Street.


The project is proposed on a site bounded by Reed Street to the north, 4th Street to the east, Dickinson Street to the south, and 5th Street to the west. The site is zoned RMX-2 (Master Plan District) and currently is occupied by multiple vacant hospital buildings.


The site is about 3 acres and the proposal is for 95 residential units, in 14 structures with 134 garage parking spaces. The proposal includes private driveways and 4 landscaped courtyards that function as rain gardens.


At is meeting of August 4, 2015, the Civic Design Review Committee made a series of findings and voted to extend the review process, requiring the project to come back for a second and final review. At its meeting of September 1, 2015, the Civic Design Review Committee offered further comments:


  1. Improve Pedestrian Walkways

The CDR Committee recognized that the addition of the pedestrian walkways from both Reed and Dickinson Streets improves the site plan, but their narrow width prevents them from being inviting features. The Committee had concerns about safety and suggested that the landscape buffer be eliminated and windows added to the side elevations of adjacent buildings. These improvements would allow the walkways to be wider and to feel more comfortable.


  1. Improve Rear Elevations and Rear Drives

The CDR Committee requested at the August review that the quality of materials of the rear elevations of the houses be improved. No changes were submitted for the September review. Much of the public realm within the site design suffers from the lack of design of the rear elevations and rear drives. For example, the vistas created by the courtyards are terminated by inadequately designed rear elevations. Pedestrian and bicycle conflicts are possible because of the unarticulated driveway space and the dominance of parking garage doors.


  1. Locate Automobile Access on Reed Street

The CDR Committee repeated their recommendation from the August review to locate the automobile entrance on Reed Street because this street should act as the major circulation route into and out of the site.


  1. Locate Street Trees Strategically

The CDR Committee expressed concerns with the placement of street trees. Walking zone pinch points between tree pits and stoops should be avoided and overhead wires should either be avoided or placed underground.


  1. Eliminate Planting Strip Parallel to the Southernmost Sidewalk

The CDR Committee recommended removing the grass planting strip because successfully maintaining plants in such a confined space is difficult.


  1. Verify Sustainable Features through a Certification Process

The CDR Committee recommended that proposed sustainable features employ a standard rating system so that their impact can be more accurately assessed.


  1. Effectiveness of CDR Process on Approved Master Plan Districts

This project prompted the CDR Committee to voice concerns about the effectiveness of the CDR process if a Master Plan has been approved prior to design review. Design discussions in a public forum have the largest impact on a project when considered at the beginning of the development process. The Committee recommended amending the sequence of the process of Master Plan approvals so that the City Planning Commission can be informed by the CDR Committee’s comments before considering approval a Master Plan district.


In conclusion, the Civic Design Review process has been completed for this project. Please contact me if you have any questions about the Committee’s action.



Gary Jastrzab

Executive Director

400 Reed Street CDR Report

Developers say Mt. Sinai demolition will start this month

Please click here to read more





DSW Logo
The DSWCA Board has four (4) officers (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) and five (5) directors, each of whom serve a two (2) year term.  The bylaws set forth the duties and responsibilities of the officers and directors –http://www.dickinsonsquarewest.org/bylaws/.

The election of officers and directors will be in October, but Letters of Intent should be mailed to DSWCA, PO Box 63891, Philadelphia, PA 19147 and must be postmarked not later than August 31, 2015.

According to our bylaws, a Letter of Intent is “A signed letter stating the intent of a Regular Member to run for the office of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director [which] must include the candidate’s name, address of residence, telephone number, email address, position being sought, verification of residency and signature….”

And “Verification of residency shall consist of all of the following, which must show the same residence that is also within the jurisdiction of the Association:
1.       A copy of a current voter’s registration card (can be found online), and
2.       A copy of a current driver’s license or non-driver’s state-issued identification, and
3.       A copy of the face page of his or her redacted U.S. tax return from the previous calendar year.”

If you have any questions, please email info@dickinsonsquarewest.org.

2015-08-22 13.06.53

Zoning 409,411,413 Watkins st ,19148

Dickinson Square West


Civic Association


August 25, 2015 , 7 p.m.

Parsons Building in center of Dickinson Sq. Park 4th & Morris St.

Presentation of request for change of use and zoning variance


409,411,413 Watkins Street


Change of use to street front garage access and reduction in lot size and open space where zoning does not permit such use


Please come with your questions & comments


Addresses for 411 WATKINS ST





DSWCA notice 411 watkins st (1)

 watkins maps

Watkins Subdivision



411 Watkins Notice 2

411 watkins ZBA hearing date

Click on picture 411 watkins ZBA hearing date 10/13/15 9:30 am



2015-08-16 12.26.52watkins (2)streets watkins


2015-08-16 12.28.31

    2015-08-16 12.26.11 2015-08-16 12.30.052015-08-16 12.25.29

2015-08-16 12.24.57

UPDATED PLANS for 409/411/413 Watkins street as of 10/2/15 Continue reading

3rd District Community Crime Bulletins

3rd District Community Crime Bulletins

See attached.

Police Officer Michael Duffy #7441

Philadelphia Police Department

3rd District Crime Prevention / Intel / Fusion Liaison Officer

1300 South 11th Street

Philadelphia Pa. 19147

Phone 215-686-3030 ext 101


Twitter : @PPDMikeDuffy







Text PPD TIP (773847)


3rd District Community Crime Bulletin 10-5-15 TO 10-11-15 PDF

3rd District Community Crime Bulletin 9-28-15 TO 10-4-15 PDF

3rd District Community Crime Bulletin 9-21-15 TO 9-27-15 pdf

3rd District Community Crime Bulletin 9-14-15 TO 9-20-15 PDF