540 Gerritt st -Zoning Meeting 7/28/15

Dickinson Square West

Civic Association


July 28, 2015 , 7 p.m.

Parsons Building in center of Dickinson Sq. Park 4th & Morris St.

Presentation of nonconforming use  540 Gerritt Street

Build 3 story house with excess lot coverage and roof deck where zoning does not permit such use

Please come with your questions & comments

540 Gerritt rev Notice 

540 GERRITT ST (1)

540 GERRITT ST (2)


540 Gerritt plans

540 Gerritt map

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540 Gerritt photos

540 Gerritt plans (1)

Addresses for 540 GERRITT ST

Mt Sinai 5/19/2015


The Concordia Group made a presentation to the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) yesterday.

Although there was and still appears to be general approval of the concept of development of the property as proposed by Concordia, questions had been raised previously about the procedure for the adoption of an ordinance to re-zone 400 Reed (Mt. Sinai).  In order to clarify the situation, President Ted Savage sent the following letter to the PCPC:

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